Ohio's largest rock climbing gym to open in Loveland

Ohio's largest rock climbing gym to open in Loveland
(Provided photo)
(Provided photo)

LOVELAND, OH (FOX 19) - Ohio's largest rock climbing facility is expected to open this summer.

Mosaic Climbing is a full-service climbing gym located at 9501 Union Cemetery Road.

It is approximately 20,000 square feet, making it the largest such facility in the state.

It will house what owners call one of the "most imposing walls in the country" at 55 high.

"We're incredibly excited to present our unique vision of climbing to the Cincinnati community, said CEO Nicole Brown. "We hope that we'll become a major part of people's lives for a long time."

In addition to climbing, Mosaic will offer other fitness amenities, including yoga, free weights, group fitness and a self-directed fitness center.

Climbing-related exercise offerings will be available to participants of various levels.

The facility will also have a youth climbing wall, party room and lounge area.

Mosaic Climbing is expected to open late this summer.

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