Consider this: Don't forget the Bengals who deserve our support

FOX19 - The Cincinnati Bengals made national headlines when they drafted Joe Mixon, a football player caught on camera punching a woman in the face while in college.

The Bengals say Mixon deserves a second chance, but many fans are now saying enough is enough, and that they can no longer support a team on the field who supports players with violent history off the field.  Some fans are even calling for boycott.

The sad thing is stories about Joe Mixon, and other players caught in bad behavior, like Adam Jones, just overshadow the Bengals who are doing great things.

Andy Dalton's foundation is changing lives in Cincinnati, so is Marvin Lewis' Community Fund. Carlos Dunlap is a recent finalist for the NFL's Man of the Year Award.  And let's not forget the story of Devon and Leah Still.

Consider this: There are a lot of us who wish the Bengals weren't the ones giving Mixon his "second chance," but there are countless Bengals who are good players on and off the field.

Maybe some of the attention should be on those who deserve our support.

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