Would-be burglar, vandal caught on camera at Hamilton Twp. church

Would-be burglar, vandal caught on camera at Hamilton Twp. church

HAMILTON TWP (Fox19) - Hamilton Township Police are trying to track down a man who was caught on camera attempting to break into a church and vandalizing church property.

Security cameras at Redemption Baptist Church captured footage of the man Tuesday night.

In the video, the man is seen walking out of sight and towards side doors of the church. He then comes back into the camera's view and walks over to the church van sitting in the parking lot. He is seen using a tool to strike the van several times before walking away.

"When you see a video like that, it's a little disturbing," Pastor Jason Lohorn said. "People need to be aware that these things happen. They need to protect themselves."

Pastor Lohorn said that he discovered the church had been damaged when he arrived there Wednesday morning. The two side church door windows were broken, there was shattered glass inside the building, and a window on the van had been smashed.

"This was probably not his first time doing this," Lohorn said.

Lohorn said that he and members of the congregation were able to sweep up the broken glass. The van is being repaired at a local shop, and a company plans to come out and fix the door windows.

He said his concern is what the criminal could be doing now.

"To think of him going into a home and someone actually being at home, that's a scary thought," Lohorn said.

The pastor believes that the surveillance video will help police locate the vandal.

Lohorn said he wants to talk to the man himself to tell him that the church is praying for him. He also hopes that he will learn a life lesson.

"My prayer is that he would recognize what he's done was wrong, gets caught, and then has a chance to turn his life around," Lohorn said.

Hamilton Township Police believe the man was driving a pick-up truck with a burnt out driver's side headlight.

If you recognize the man in the video or have any information, you're asked to call them and report it.

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