Trenton neighborhood concern rises as peeping Tom sightings persist

Trenton neighborhood concern rises as peeping Tom sightings persist

TRENTON, OH (FOX19) - Concern is growing in a Trenton neighborhood with a man many say has been peeping inside their windows at night.

"At one point I had gotten out of the shower and was in a towel, and I had my blinds open because you can't see into my kitchen window [from] the road," a Trenton mother who asked to remain unnamed said. "So, this man had come into our backyard and was looking in the window as I was getting ready to pull the towel off of my body."

She claims the man has looked in her windows at least four times over the course of the last several years and she wants this to come to an end.

"I'm absolutely terrified," she said. "I've got two small kids that I've got to take care of, not just myself, and the thought of somebody being bold enough to come up onto our property and look in our windows… I don't know if they're going to try something else."

Other neighbors FOX19 NOW spoke with share a similar sentiment about the man they describe as in his 30's that wears a baseball cap to hide his identity.

"As soon as they realize that he's there, or as soon as he realizes that they realize it he takes off," said the mortified mother.

Neighbors said there have been police reports filed, but the problem remains with the most recent incident happening on Monday.

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