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Ford's 'drug driving suit' mimics taking the wheel under the influence


A major US automaker has developed a "drug driving suit" to educate people about the effects of drugs on driving.  

Ford teamed up with a German company to develop the one-of-kind suit which mimics the effects of driving under the influence of drugs. 

Drugs like cocaine, ecstasy and heroin. 

Ford uses the suit as an outreach tool with teenagers across the country. It helps teach them what drugs can do before they get behind the wheel.  

The "suit" negatively affects hearing, vision, and motor skills. 

"When you add in all the elements, the arm bands, the eye changes, it really puts together the recipe for a driving disasters," said Judd Templin, who works for Ford.

The heroin rush hour, addicts high in their car, and it's only getting worse. 

A new Governor's Highway Safety Association report found drugged driving has now surpassed drunk driving as a factor in deadly crashes.

The research found drugs were present in 43 percent of these fatalities, more frequently than alcohol.

Police agencies are so concerned, they're running special traffic stings to try and stop these dangerous drivers before they take innocent lives. 

Butler Tech and Ford set up a closed course for FOX19 NOW's Rob Williams to try out. 

He said at about 25 mph on the first pass, he made it through without knocking any cones down. Once they changed up the course to make it a little harder and increased speed, the cones were no match for his impaired driving.

"Truth be told, I had a good time, right, but how do you get across the seriousness of not only drunk driving, but drugged driving? So the suit's a great tool because we're able to take it and put it on closed courses with teens hopefully before they make those bad decisions," Williams said.

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