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Green Township residents say sewers keep backing up


Green Township residents on Muddy Creek Road are afraid of what mother nature has in store Friday night.

Often, when it rains, it pours right in the homes on Muddy Creek Road.

Two weeks ago Bill Dattilo's basement filled up with water.

"The last flood came to about here... you can still see the dirt line," he said. 

With the rain still coming down he's worried it will happen again. He said this has been a problem for the past 10 years.

"It's pretty devastating. The first time I lost pretty much everything that was down there. We had a finished basement... had a dog that was down there and drowned unfortunately," Dattilo said.  

He lost his dog Elvis three years ago, now he doesn't keep anything in his basement.

"We feel stressed. We keep opening our basement door and looking to down to see if any water's coming in," said resident Ruth Kreimer .

She said after a down pour the sewer backs up and floods the street then their homes.

"If you open the basement it still smells. Everything that's thrown into the sewer system is coming up in our basements and that's not good for anybody's health," Kreimer said. 

The spokesperson for the sewer district said the public sewer system was not designed to handle the amount of rainfall we have been experiencing lately. In the past two days there have been 40 reports of sewer backups. The MSD is currently evaluating a long-term solution for properties along Muddy Creek Road.

Residents tell us they are fed up and want a buy out so they can walk away from this nightmare. "When I bought this home it was going to be my last home. It was everything I wanted. I still love my home but I, my husband and I can no longer continue with the stress," said Kreimer.

Ruth tells us that she is working with the sewer district to resolve this issue but if it isn't fixed soon she may have to find a new place to live. 

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