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Residents upset after NKY apartment complex bans sidewalk chalk

The Hebron apartment complex. (FOX19 NOW) The Hebron apartment complex. (FOX19 NOW)

Some northern Kentucky residents are upset after an apartment complex banned children from coloring with chalk on the neighborhood’s sidewalks.

The managers of Country Place Apartments chalked the ban up to “graffiti” showing up on bricks of the buildings.

“We have discovered that many of the buildings continue to have sidewalk chalk on them,” read a notice to residents from the community manager. “Despite the letter sent out to everyone a few months ago asking that sidewalk chalk only be used on the ground and not buildings as this was considered graffiti.”

The apartment complex plans to fine residents a cleanup fee if chalk is found on the sidewalks, buildings or parking lots.

“It's chalk, it’s not graffiti. It’s something that's easily removed. I mean a rainstorm will wash it off,” said two-year resident Chris Folz.

Another resident described the so-called graffiti as “drawings, scribblings, alphabets, suns and moons. All kinds of innocent kid’s stuff.”

The complex’s management said that since the property is a government loan recipient, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) determines what is and isn’t considered graffiti.

“Please make sure you are cleaning up after your family and guests,” the manager’s letter reads. “The less time the staff is walking the community to pick up trash and clean the building of unwanted graffiti the more time we will have in servicing the families of our community.”

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