Dog released from quarantine after attacking 3-year-old

ELMWOOD PLACE, OH (FOX19) - Parents of a girl who was attacked by a dog last month are concerned that the animal has been released from quarantine and back to its owners.

3-year-old Elena was bitten by the dog as she played in her babysitter's backyard on April 12.

"It looked like a shark attack. You could see her flesh. You could see like the tendons. Her leg was completely torn apart," said Elena's mother, Hannah Durham.

The child was in the hospital 4 days and wasn't able to walk for a week.

Now, Durham says, Elena has nightmares and is terrified of dogs.

The pit bull was quarantined for 10 days and the owners were charged with obstructing official business and tampering with evidence

The owners of the dog fled after the attack but eventually turned themselves in the next day.

A grand jury declined to indict the owners and the dog was released back to its home.

Now, Durham fears what will happen now that the dog is free to roam once again.

"My child got lucky. She got bit on the leg. It wasn't her throat. It wasn't her face, who knows about the next child," she said.

The SPCA quarantined the dog after the attack. The pit bull was considered aggressive, according to Dog Warden Harold Dates.

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