How to check if your PC has Microsoft's fix for Windows Defender bug

FOX19 - Malware can infect computers when users click on a bad link, or open an attachment. But a new threat—described as one of the worst ever—can attack your computer with zero interaction from you.

Google researchers found what they call a "crazy bad" security flaw in Microsoft's malware protection program, Windows Defender.

If you have a home PC, this affects you since Windows Defender is installed on every consumer PC.

The flaw would allow a hacker to take over your computer and control it remotely.

In most malware attacks, computer users accidentally download malware by clicking on an infected link or attachment.  This time, all it would take is that flawed Windows Defender scanning an infected email, and your machine's infected. Windows Defender is designed to automatically scan all emails you receive.

Microsoft already pushed out an update to "Windows Defender" that patches this flaw.

If you want to double-check your machine, PC users can click on "Windows Defender settings" to see if their machine has been updated: Engine version number 1.1.13704.0 or higher means the patch has been installed and you should be safe from this particular vulnerability.

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