Drone racing zooms into the Tri-State

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Drone racing has already been televised on ESPN and now the new sport is taking off in the Tri-State.

Tim Creque is the chapter organizer for the Cincinnati Quad Racers. They've been doing formal racing for about one year.

"We fly around this course here and try to complete as many laps as possible in 2 minutes and 15 seconds," he said.

There are up to more than 30 members. Some from Indianapolis, Lexington, and even Columbus.

"You can go up in the air, you can do flips and rolls, you can go through a complex obstacle course at 80 mph... the feeling is just incredible," Creque said.

FOX19 NOW's Jessica Brown got a chance to check out drone racing.

The quad racers said it's more than a hobby, it's a different way to see the world.

"It's just a totally different perspective of what you can do with any other aircraft," Creque said.

Before you take your drone to the sky, it's important to check the FAA rules and regulations.

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