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Mayor helps community leader, pastor avoid jail time

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Community leader Pastor Peterson Mingo was sentenced to 100 days house arrest, and after an exchange with the judge, 90 days in prison for not fixing an issue with the retaining wall on his property.

The news came as a surprise to Mayor John Cranley who received a text about the situation from a friend.

“I saw it on my cell phone and it said that Pastor Mingo has been put in jail on a housing issue which seemed very odd to me,” Cranley said.

That prompted him to take the legal team to court.

“We explained that we would work with homeowners like Pete, and I want everyone to be treated the same way on an issue like this, which is an economic issue, a civil issue but I don’t think a jail issue,” Cranley said.

Mayoral Candidate Yvette Simpson released a statement on the issue at hand that read:

“The actions today concerning Pastor Mingo are outrageous and unnecessary. We raised this issue months ago and were assured by the City Administration that this would not happen. The possibility that anyone could be arrested for failure to make a home repair is preposterous. That this has and could happen to any homeowner is a failure of this administration that needs to be corrected immediately.”

According to court documents, the issue with the Pastor’s retaining wall dates back to December of 2014.

FOX19 NOW asked Cranley how his actions tied to his friendship with Pastor Mingo, and his response was, “I believe everyone in the same situation should be treated the same. In fact, as soon as I got back from court today I authored a legislation to say that we make all homeowners in the same manner.”

The motion Cranley wants to see implemented reads:

“I MOVE that the Administration adopt internal enforcement policies, litigation strategies, and proper legislation if necessary, to ensure that property code enforcement be pursued with civil rather than criminal penalties, especially when owner-occupants are the defendants. I FURTHER MOVE that the Administration develop a proposal to help owner-occupants who are facing economic hardship.” 

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