Prosecutor: Abortions For Teens Too Easy

A civil case is still pending, but Cincinnati's Planned Parenthood organization will not face criminal charges after performing an abortion on a minor without notifying her parents. The 14 year old Hamilton County girl was impregnated by a youth sports coach named John Haller. Haller is serving three years for having sex with her. He was also accused of pretending to be the girl's parents last year when Planned Parenthood called to give notification. Planned Parenthood's CEO says she's pleased with the decision to not file criminal charges and insists the abortion clinic always follows the law. Hamilton County's prosecutor says Ohio law is more restrictive on minors who buy cigarettes than minors who get abortions. Joe Deters hopes the U.S. Supreme Court will rule in favor of a pending Ohio law that requires both notification and consent of parents of minors seeking an abortion.