Recipe: Spiced potato sliders

FOX19 - Makes 6-8.


  • Boil together- 2 Potatoes, 2 carrots, half cup peas and other vegetables of your choice (yams, corn, green beans beets etc.)
  • Mash them together in a bowl.
  • Add half teaspoon finely chopped ginger garlic, 2 spoons finely chopped cilantro, cumin seeds or half teaspoon cumin powder and half teaspoon curry powder.
  • Add half teaspoon lime juice and half cup bread crumbs.
  • Make 1.5 inch balls and flatten them.
  • Dip it in bread crumbs and shallow fry or bake at 350 degrees for 5-10 mins until golden brown and place one on the slider bun and squeeze green chutney and ketchup and enjoy!

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