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Racially charged education? A mother is outraged what a school did to teach kids about the Civil War

Eastern Middle School (Provided) Eastern Middle School (Provided)

Eastern Middle School in Brown County has been participating in a Civil War program. 

White kids at the school were allegedly seen wearing dark makeup to simulate slaves. 

"We by all means want to be sensitive and tactful with the way we are reenacting and portraying slavery in the Civil War era, without minimizing depictions of this brutal period of American," Jordan Michael the principle for Eastern Middle School said. "I definitely don't want EMS or any aspect of this program to be seen as racially insensitive. That is not our intent or our goal."

Superintendent Michele Filon released the following statement:

"Eastern Brown Local School District appreciates the community and our residents' interest and concerns related to the District's Civil War Day program.  For a number of years, Eastern Brown Middle School has endeavored to focus on the historical significance of this time period in our country's history, and to do so in a realistic, educational and respectful manner.  Our intent is first and foremost to educate our students in a responsible and appropriate manner.  The District is open to community, resident and parent input on the District's Civil War Day in order to ensure future programs can continue respectfully highlighting the educational purpose and historical significance of the Civil War Day."

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