Sales pitches on Facebook

(FOX19) - Sales pitches on Facebook - how many do you spot in your news feed?

Many are seeing their feeds filling up with sales pitches for things like leggings, skin care and makeup. Social media is a great way to reach customers, but where's the line where pitched turn into too much pressure?

Courtney Crutcher said she is fed up with all of the sales pitches cluttering her Facebook feed. Even worse than the clutter, though, is the feeling friends and relatives are more interested in making a sale, than making a real connection.

"It can change how you view the person, because before, I thought, I like this person, I'd see this person's children or pets on Facebook, but then... it's like 'Oh God, they're online, I don't want them to see me,'" she said.

But the social media/sales explosion has been an opportunity for people like Leah Brady. She lives in Northern Kentucky with her husband and children. She started selling Rodan + Fields skincare products when her triplets were babies.

"It's amazing, just the extra income we've had, just from me working at home, it was a way that we were able to pay for my children's preschool in Louisville, so it was amazing that I could feel like I was contributing, while still not interfering with my family life," she said.

Brady said a supervisor told her early on to message friends with a pitch to buy her skincare products, but it didn't feel right to her. So she tried a more low-key approach.

"For me, it was just sharing the pictures on Facebook, and if you're interested, feel free to reach me out to me, but I don't want to hunt you down, and bother you about all of these questions, 'Do you want to have a party', I kind of leave the door open for me to reach out to me," she said.

That's the key, as far as Crutcher's concerned.

"I think if I know that it exists, if I know you're selling this, that's great, but once people are reaching out to me, like through messaging, or directly, like where I have to be like no, I don't want this, it starts to be really awkward," she said.

Brady agrees there's a line consultants shouldn't cross, when trying to build a business.

Also know not every sales opportunity is a good one, so make sure you do your homework about what it will cost you in money and time, and what you can reasonably expect to earn.

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