Mount Healthy police warning residents about car break-ins

Mount Healthy police warning residents about car break-ins

MOUNT HEALTHY, OH (FOX19) - Mount Healthy police are on high alert and are warning residents about a rash of car break-ins and thefts.

According to police, the thieves are getting more desperate to get their hands on your stuff. Over the weekend several cars that were parked outside were stolen.

"Yeah it's bad," said Fabian Merino.

He lives on Impala Drive. Last week a car was stolen from his neighbor's driveway. Then just a few days later he was targeted. He said when the thieves didn't find anything in his car they still didn't give up.

"I open my garage... and they took my tools," Merino said.

He said the crooks got away with $3,000 worth of mechanic tools.

"I'm really sad because I work hard," Merino said.

Police said residents leaving property in their cars is what's attracting the repeated crimes. They are reminding everyone to make sure their car doors are locked and that all valuables are kept out of sight.

Residents nearby in Colerain Township are also on the lookout.

Marilyn Short said her car has been broken into three times.

"They just come by and flip the door handles and see if they're unlocked," she said.

She's now doing more to put a stop to it.

"I got tinted windows. I don't leave anything in the car anymore," said Short.

She said she would like to see police do more patrols but she says people in the community also have to step up.

"The neighbors need to be more vigilant and not be scared to report things," Short said.

Mount Healthy police have made one arrest connected to a stolen car.

The investigation is ongoing to see if that suspect is involved in any other thefts.

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