Colerain Twp. residents upset about speeding, hit and runs; police upping patrols

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Colerain Township Police are upping patrols and residents are upset after several hit and runs were reported in their Northbrook neighborhood.

Although the speed limit through the area is 25 miles per hour, residents on Marino Drive said that people speed through the subdivision all the time.

"It's pretty scary sometimes," Travis Grimes, who lives in the area, said.

"You sit out here in the evening, and it's like they just fly by," Becky Stewart, an 11-year resident, said.

Neighbors now believe that the old issue of speeding is causing new problems.

"We've had four to five hit and runs in the past week," Grimes said.

Grimes and his wife said that they are the latest victims. Grimes said that on Tuesday, he realized someone had hit his wife's car overnight and then took off.

"The rim is now peeled back. The tire is flat. The hubcap has been peeled," Grimes said. "You would think and expect people would respect other people's property more than they do."

A little more than a week ago, Becky Stewart said that she woke up to a nice surprise. A driver had slammed into a neighbor's car when it was parked across the street and forced the vehicle into her yard.

"His car was parked halfway in my driveway and halfway in my yard, so the impact had pushed it at an angle and swung it around into my yard," Stewart told FOX19 NOW.

Stewart said that they still do not know who did it.

"It would be nice if you could take responsibility for your actions and slow down because it could be your child, or your grandchild, that gets hit," Stewart said.

Colerain Township Police said that they have upped patrols in the area and are investigating the reports.

Grimes said that he still will not let his daughter play in the front yard because he would rather be safe, than sorry.

"With the speed that they're going, hitting a child could be deadly," Grimes said.

Neighbors also said that drivers tend to speed through stop signs and sometimes don't yield to other cars.

They hope that sharing their stories might make people think twice before acting reckless behind the wheel.

Some neighbors said they are so fed up they are even considering getting security cameras.

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