Victim Evicted

N.C. woman ordered evicted from apartment after being shot

A North Carolina woman has a new problem, after surviving six gunshot wounds and a jump from her second-story balcony to escape the man trying to kill her.

Now, she's being evicted from her apartment. Dorothea Thomas was attacked last Friday. She got out of the hospital on Tuesday. On Wednesday, she found a notice on her front door, ordering her to leave. The former Marine and police officer was served with an eviction notice for, among other things, being too loud. Thomas is outraged. In her words, "I was not doing the violence. I was the victim. I shouldn't be treated like the perpetrator."

The apartment manager says the owners "truly regret the difficulty she has been through," but they feel "it is in the best interests of everyone involved that she no longer resides at our property." An ex-boyfriend has been arrested on attempted first-degree murder and other charges.