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Newport mother says not enough being done with bullying in schools


A mother in Newport said her child was bullied and it was caught on video, but does it require video evidence for adults to believe and act on bullying? 

In the video you can hear another child telling the aggressor to hit the 12-year-old at her locker. The video was taken at Newport Intermediate School and recorded back in October.

"I was mad," Nadine Cruz said.

She is speaking out because she feels Newport schools are not doing enough to deal with bullying.

"By luck, I was able to get a hold of the video and support the case that my daughter brought to me. I feel they were going to say it was a he-said she-said situation without the video," Cruz said.

She said she felt without the evidence, they would not have believed her daughter.

Cruz said the girl hitting her daughter and the student filming it did get suspended from school. 

Dr. Ed Connor of Erlanger is a therapist who deals with kids who have been bullied and the people that bully. He said not believing kids can be destructive.

"We live in a litigious society where it does require some type of evidence or proof that bullying has occurred as oppose to taking the persons word for it," he said. "Some kids will decide not to tell because nothing will be done. Then hopelessness starts to set in which are strong predictors of depression and anxiety... and worse case scenario, suicide.

The school sent a statement reading, "As soon as the video was viewed the student who struck the other student was suspended and the victim has not reported problems since."

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