Teacher speaks out on bullying at Newport Independent Schools

NEWPORT, KY (FOX19) - A teacher in the Newport Independent School system is speaking out about bullying for the children and for other teachers who are afraid they will lose their jobs.

Lila Campbell, a third grade teacher at Newport Intermediate School, said she is leaving at the end of this school year, but said she has to speak up for the voiceless.

Campbell showed emails that she has sent to counselors asking them to deal with the aggressive students.

She wrote there is one student going around saying, "She's pregnant with a demon child." That same student allegedly got mad at another student for not saying they are dating, "so she smacked him in the face." The same student said, "White people used to rule the world and black people are re******."

"I've seen a kid thrown on the floor and I've called administration and they pulled the kid for about two minutes and sent him back to class," Campbell said.

Newport Independent School system responded saying, "The school district is aware of the situation. The school counselor has been working to resolve the situation and the issues between these two students. The safety of our students is a top priority and our full attention is being given to this matter."

Campbell said nothing has been done to address the problems.

"It got really bad a few weeks ago when they said they would address it... and nothing has been done. It came to a head when my class was in a race war. It's to the point where I am trying to break up seven kids from getting in a huge fight," she said.

Campbell said the kids have no accountability.

"I just want them to step up and show the kids that there is a boss in the school and it's not them, and show parents you are going to be involved so parents don't feel they have to take it upon themselves to solve these problems," she said.

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