Brewing creates economic boom for Tri-State

Brewing creates economic boom for Tri-State

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Business is booming for Tri-State brewers.

The Beer Institute, (yes, that's a thing,) and the National Beer Wholesalers Association released their annual Beer Serves America report Tuesday.

The report analyzes the impact the beer industry has on the American economy.

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The analysis includes data about craft brewers, major national brands and importers. It also looks at the direct and indirect impact the industry has through brewing, retailing and wholesaling.

Here is the breakdown in job and economic output for 2016 in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana:

  • Ohio: $13.2 billion in total output, $3.5 billion in wages and more than 81,000 jobs
  • Ky: $2.1 billion in total output, $653.8 million in wages and 4,500 jobs
  • Ind: $4.8 billion in total output, $1.3 billion in wages, 36,600 jobs

Those figures are up from $10.8 billion in output, $3.1 billion in wages and 75,000 jobs in 2014 for Ohio.

Nationwide, the institute found that the US beer industry generated more than $350 billion in economic activity and nearly 2.23 million jobs. Those figures include induced economic impact in industries tied to brewing.

The industry group claims that each job in the brewing industry generates an addition 33 full time jobs in various other sectors. It also paid more than $63 billion in taxes.

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