Kings Island: Viral post about child snatching is false

Kings Island: Viral post about child snatching is false

MASON, OH (FOX19) - A Facebook post about an alleged child abduction attempt at Kings Island is false, according to the amusement park's spokesperson.

A woman posted to the social media site late Monday night, writing that a stranger followed her around the park, taking photos of her and her young son.

The claim was "false, inaccurate and has no basis," Don Helbig said.

Mason Police said a report was not filed with their agency about the alleged crime.

The post was shared more than 400 times in 12 hours.

She said that was not the only incident involving a strange man.

She claims she spoke with another woman, who said a man snatched a girl from her family.

"Luckily, the father was close by, grabbing her back and calling the authorities to take care of the man," the post reads.

That post has since been deleted.

The woman then wrote a new post, saying in part, "I did delete my comment about what happened at King island last night, not because it is untrue but because it was never posted to generate the drama that followed. Just intended to make people aware that the danger is real and out there."

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