Woman claims she was attacked outside bar after turning down man

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - A woman is fearing for her safety after she said she was viciously attacked outside of a bar in Colerain Township.

The woman, Mary Yavorsky, said she was at Blue Bell Beach celebrating her 38th birthday when it happened.

She is still recovering from her injuries.

"I had bruises on my arm my thigh. You can see the bruising on my chin," Yavorsky said.

According to police, it happened in the parking lot at the bar on May 12. Surveillance from the bar that night shows Yavorsky and her friends celebrating and having a few drinks when she said a man she never met started flirting with her.

"He asked me if I wanted a beverage and I said, 'I already had on so no thank you,'" Yavorsky said.

She said from that point the man became more aggressive through the night. Both exchanged curse words before she decided to go.

The video shows Yavorsky leaving with her friend and shortly after the man follows them out. The camera doesn't show what Mary said happened next.

"I tried to get in the vehicle and he pulled me out of the vehicle and it turned into a shoving match and I kicked him in the b****,'" she said.

When she got back into the truck she said the man dragged her out again by her legs. She said her friend maced him and they were able to get away.

"Nobody helped us they just watched," Yavorsky said.

She said what bothers her the most is that she feels police are not taking the incident seriously.

"It feels like if you go out and if you, especially if you have a drink that your credibility is gone," said Yavorsky.

She fears what would have happened if she didn't get away.

"Why was he pulling me out of the vehicle. What was he going to do. Why would somebody do that was he going to kill me. I hope they get him off the street so that he doesn't hurt anybody else. I just want women to be very careful be very vigilant," Yavorsky said.

Colerain Township Police told FOX19 NOW that they are not able to comment on the case because it is an ongoing investigation.

No arrests have been made.

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