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Heavy rain slams Tri-State area with flooding

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Water rushed into several homes Wednesday evening during heavy rain bursts.

Now, many are cleaning up the mess.

Robert Minnich lives in Taylor Creek and said his basement was heavily damaged from the flooding. His refrigerator and other appliances were floating in the water.

The water in his home reached about four feet deep and said it only took about an hour for the water to rise to that level. 

Minnich said he's never experienced anything like this and it's devastating to see all of his belongings just wash away.

"The drums, they're over there somewhere. They're gone... so is everything that accumulated over the years... it is gone. I've seen over the last 7 years nothing, nothing compared to this. This has got to be the 50 year flood that they've talked about," he said.

He said  repairing this damage will cost thousands of dollars. Fortunately, he does have flood insurance to fix and replace what he can.

Hamilton also dealt with flooding issues. A driver was briefly trapped in her can on Tabor Lane near Cleveland. 

Neighbors said they tried to flag the woman down to get her to turn around, but she didn't and her car stalled out.

"We were looking into our backyard and it was like a dam had broken and it started flooding through and as we came out here and watched the water just started rising and rising to where the mail box was covered," resident Hanna Breedlove said.

Police came out to close off the road.

Residents said the water receded about an hour later.

The woman who was rescued from the van was not hurt.

Police are reminding drivers that if you see standing water do not try to drive through it.

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