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Animal rescuers: puppy blind, partially deaf because of severe abuse

HART (Jessica Schmdt, FOX19 NOW) HART (Jessica Schmdt, FOX19 NOW)

Animal rescuers are raising money to help care for a 9-week-old puppy that they believe was so badly abused it made him blind and partially deaf.

HART Animal Rescue is caring for the puppy, named "Teddy," right now. Rescuers said that they learned about Teddy's medical condition when they took him to Pfister Animal Hospital in West Chester Wednesday.

The vet told them that Teddy has a skull deformity that was caused by someone abusing him at just 6 or 7-weeks-old.

They believe that someone used a heavy object to hit him violently to the point that part of his brain is unprotected. Then, he was dumped at a shelter in Kentucky.

"What can a pup that is 3.9 pounds have done to deserve a blow to the back of the head? I just can't even imagine," Shari Wyenandt with HART said.

"I cried, and then I got angry, and I've pretty much stayed angry," Katie Goodpaster, a HART rescuer, said. "I just don't understand how anyone can do that to any dog, much less a puppy."

Because of the injury, the HART team that took him in said that Teddy lost his eyesight and most of his hearing.

It's not clear if he'll ever get it back or what his medical care will look like.

"It could be surgery. It could be some sort of therapy," Goodpaster said. "We don't know what his future holds in store for him."

While Teddy is in HART's care, he is limited on where he can go and what he can do.

"He's not allowed to play with any other puppies," Wyenandt said. "Anything that has a potential risk for him to hit his head, he can't do."

Rescuers are meeting with a neurologist next week, and they hope to get more answers.

"I will continue to fight for him and do whatever I need to do to get him the best medical care so that even though he may not see and he may not hear, at least he could have somewhat of a normal life,"
Wyenandt said.

HART volunteers said that they don't know if they'll ever get justice for Teddy, but they do know they will never give up on him.

HART is having an adoption event at the West Chester PetSmart location at Voice of America Saturday. They said that all of the donations they get there will go towards Teddy. For more information, contact HART.

They're also taking donations online.

Teddy is not up for adoption right now. So far, no charges have been filed.

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