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Miami Twp. residents concerned about speedy drivers

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Several residents in Miami Township say drivers are treating their quiet street like it's a Nascar Race. It's a problem they say continues to get worse and they want it to stop.

Several times a week residents on Sugar Camp Road residents see the narrow windy road being transformed into a race track. John Lonneman captured video of three motorcycles zipping through.

They were going about twice the speed limit, which is 40 and in some spots just 10 mile per hour.He says cars zooming past is a regular site each weekend. "A lot of them are testing out their bikes or cars are whatever."

He says the warmer weather is attracting more speeders. Each day he fears for his son's safety. "My son knows to definitely stay away from the road sometimes he'll go and play in the creek across the street."

Lori Heflin, wasn't as fortunate. "We've already had a dog killed out here and they did not stop they just kept going." She lost her dog Sasha about four years ago, while it was chasing an animal close to the road. "The van was flying. There was no way he was going to stop in time anyways. It was devastating. She was my baby." Now she keeps her dog towards the back of the house.

The residents we talked to say the speeding has to stop, so they are asking police to add patrols. "Rarely do I see a police officer at all." When she does she says it's usually because of a crash and she has seen plenty over the years." "A lot of it's young kids and they just don't need to be speeding like that because one day they're not going to make it home."

FOX19 Now did reach out to Miami Township Police. They tell us they are aware of the issue and they are taking it seriously. The are now planning to add more patrols in area.

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