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WATCH: 13-year-old meets heart donor's family for the first time

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Peyton West, 13, received the gift of a lifetime this spring: a new heart.

The Goshen resident has been since fighting his way back to health.

Saturday, for the first time, he got to meet the family that made it possible for him to live.

From Iowa to Cincinnati the distance between the two families was erased by the heartbeat of 13-year-old Peyton, because of an organ donation from 12-year-old Derek Cisneros.

"It gives them comfort and they're happy because that's what god wanted for," said Derek's mother, Blanca Cisneros. "It was Derek's mission."

Derek died as the result of a car accident, but his organs live on in five people who desperately needed transplant.

"To finally to just hug them, thank them in-person and to let them know how appreciative we are of them and for giving Peyton another chance," said Peyton's father, Corey West. 

As family members remembered Derek, they were touched to be able to feel what lives on inside Peyton. 

"There is people out there that is needing a organ to live that are waiting for that miracle and why not, if you're losing your loved one, why not give them a chance?" said Cisneros.

A chance the Wests will forever be grateful for.

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