Middletown animal rescue working to save neglected dog

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - A Butler County animal rescue is fighting to save a neglected dog.

Meg Melampy, who runs Joseph's Legacy, said Middletown Police called her about a Pomeranian, now named "Pumpkin."

Pumpkin was found inside a cardboard box in an abandoned condo.

All four of the dog's legs are broken, likely from severe arthritis.

Melampy said Pumpkin's nails were also overgrown and her fur was dirty.

She believes Pumpkin is a victim of neglect.

The dog is in a foster home right now while they figure out medical care.

"You can't neglect them any further," said Melampy. "Her teeth are so bad she has a couple teeth that are just hanging there. It's just pitiful. I mean it just breaks my heart, and every time I see something like that it just reaffirms why we do this every day."

Melampy said Pumpkin is a sweet and gentle dog despite what she's been through.

She goes back to the vet Thursday.

Joseph's Legacy is taking donations for her medical care through the rescue's website.

Melampy hopes to pursue criminal charges if possible.

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