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Residents in Cincinnati's Northside are fed up with graffiti vandals

Graffiti at Space Walk (Source: Jennifer Heffron) Graffiti at Space Walk (Source: Jennifer Heffron)

Some residents in Cincinnati's Northside neighborhood are unhappy after learning that someone defaced an educational project that is placed along a popular walking trail.

It's not uncommon to come across graffiti in the area on both public and private property. It's been spotted on buildings, gates and sidewalks.

Neighbors have different opinions about it and have shared those opinions on social media. Some consider it street art, while others call it a nuisance.

"I think people get a little tired of that, on their business, having to clean graffiti off regularly, but there are a lot of pretty pro graffiti people in the neighborhood," Jennifer Heffron, a resident, said.  

Heffron said that she considers herself in the middle.

She said that she understands the artistic vision behind some graffiti, but when she saw someone vandalized the "Space Walk" at the Mill Creek Greenway Trail, she was angry.

"I was with a friend, and we were walking together, and I said 'What! What is this!' I said a bad word, and I said 'Take some photos. I'm going to let people know about this,'" Heffron told FOX19 NOW.

Heffron believes marking, or "tagging," in many cases is unnecessary, and she said the incident at the trail is a prime example. 

"[My feeling] was more like look someone defaced this, feeling outraged," Heffron said.

She said that she took her frustrations to social media where others chimed in, saying they are fed up with vandals going to the extreme.

"[I think because] it's sort of this public art space that kind of belongs to everyone, it's just a step too far with the graffiti."

Less than a day after the discovery, the Space Walk graffiti is gone thanks to a good samaritan.

However, there are still dozens of others "tags" around the neighborhood. Heffron is hoping this case will raise awareness.

Heffron said that she believes there is a great deal of beautiful art throughout the neighborhood, but believes what happened to the Space Walk wasn't that.

Graffiti can be considered a crime. Right now, there is no word on any possible charges related to the tagging seen around the area.

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