Officer buys car seat for mother, dismisses ticket

NORWOOD, OH (FOX19) - A Norwood police officer is being recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty to help a local family.

Officer Katie Hoffbauer used her own money to buy a car seat for the mother of three children and dismissed a traffic ticket she issued to her, according to the Norwood police chief.

Officer Hoffbauer found one of the woman's children not properly secured in a safety seat when she pulled the woman over on the interstate during a detail, Police Chief William Kramer wrote on Facebook Monday.

The woman told the officer she works 40 hours a week, but still struggles to make ends meet.

Officer Hoffbauer issued a citation to the mother - but then went and with her own money purchased a child car seat.

She called the mother and asked her to come to the station.

Officer Hoffbauer gave the mother the child car seat and dismissed the citation.

"Police Officer Katie Hoffbauer would have been completely justified issuing a citation and then doing nothing else," the police chief wrote.

"But she realized that that every situation is different and sometimes people are just down on their luck. She also realized that simply issuing a citation was not making things any safer for the child or any easier for the mother. She made a significant difference in someone's life.

"Our officers do outstanding things every single day but most never get noticed because they don't bring attention to it. In this case we were fortunate that a supervisor found out about it and we were able to tell the story that often goes untold. 

"Outstanding work Police Officer Katie Hoffbauer!!!

Officer Hoffbauer comes from a law enforcement family.

Her father is a lieutenant with the Cincinnati police department,and her mother is a retired Cincinnati officer, according to the police union.

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