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Police investigate two downtown brawls caught on camera

Still image of video (Source: Facebook) Still image of video (Source: Facebook)

Cincinnati Police are investigating two brawls that took place in downtown Cincinnati over the weekend and were caught on camera.

Two videos of the incidents were shared on social media.

The first video shows a fight near Sixth and Walnut. In the approximately 40 second clip, you can see young people running, shouting and hitting each other. Some of the individuals are seen scuffling in the street only inches away from moving cars.

The video also shows drivers trying to get around them and honking, but they continue to fight.

"All it takes is one kid to throw a punch, and then it's just total chaos," State Senator and former police officer Cecil Thomas said. "They could have gotten hit. One of those kids could be laying up in the hospital with broken ribs and all sorts of things had a car hit him."

A second video that is about a minute long appears to show another massive fight downtown. In it, there is more screaming, hair pulling and wrestling to the ground.

"A lot of these kids don't think, they react, and when they react, everybody else reacts," Thomas said.

Cincinnati Police said that they are investigating both cases, but they are still looking for information. Thomas said that can be a challenge.

"It's difficult to just go out and start locking up all the kids that were out there ripping and running and things of that nature," Thomas said.

Community leaders like Thomas believe parents and officials need to see the videos so they know what's going on. He said this is not the first time that there have been brawls, but he's hoping that with a joint effort, perhaps it will be the last time.

"I think law enforcement as well as the community and the business community, the clergy, the citizens that are engaging these kids, all working together, we can manage this process," Thomas said.

Thomas said that in the past when there were brawls they made immediate changes to help prevent future fights like asking parents and local leaders to remind kids about curfews, especially when school lets out for the summer.

He said another option is keeping community centers open later as a place for children and teenagers to go.

Police are asking anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 513-352-5319. Investigators said that there could be charges of disorderly conduct or assault in cases like these. They are asking victims to report information so that they can identify the suspects and potentially make arrests.

Police clarified that the brawls did not take place within the Taste of Cincinnati event area.

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