Bond Hill Standoff

Police arrest man who holed up with hostage in Cincinnati home

Cincinnati police say a man who barricaded himself and a woman hostage inside a house early today is in custody.

Officers say a man was assaulted with a knife around four this morning and managed to escape the house where the suspect then took the woman hostage. Police Lieutenant Kurt Byrd says the victim later died at University Hospital. Byrd says a SWAT team made contact with the suspect who was using the hostage as a shield. Byrd says the hostage fell away from the suspect allowing police to fire several beanbag rounds at the suspect around eight-thirty. They also hit him with a stun gun to bring him under control.

Byrd says the woman was hit with one beanbag round but was not injured. Police are not yet releasing any names.

Paddock between California and Laidlaw are re-opened. They had been closed doing the stand off.