Discount Caskets

Illinois man says his discount caskets are good for working people

An Illinois funeral director is offering bargains for working stiffs. Jeff Burch says death shouldn't separate someone from a great deal. And he says he's tired of seeing inflated prices at some funeral homes.

So he's trying to provide dignified yet fairly priced burials for people who don't have a lot of money. Burch's average cost for a casket and funeral service runs less than three-thousand dollars -- about half the average amount a consumer in Illinois pays to a funeral home. He says he knows how it feels to make arrangements for someone without money. When his sister died, she was a single parent and left three children, had no insurance and no savings. Burch isn't alone in the discount funeral business these days.

Internet casket sales have grown rapidly and even discount retailer Costco now sells urns and caskets.