Bellevue residents want deteriorating road fixed

BELLEVUE, KY (FOX19) - Several residents in Bellevue are fed up with their roads, which they said is deteriorating more and more each day to the point where trash services have now been canceled.

Guy Frazier has been a tenant on South O'Fallon Avenue for the past seven years. He loves his home, but each year he says it gets more difficult getting to it, especially after a hard rain.

"I've got a bad knee. An injured back and a major blood clot and it's really hard for me to walk on this road," he said.

Frazier said it is as equally as tough to drive.

This week, the trash company said it would no longer continue its service on the road.

"They will not pick up the trash and they said we have to take it to the bottom of the road. We have nowhere to sit the cans down there," said Frazier. "The problem is the road. It washes out as you can see and nobody wants to take responsibility for it."

He said complaints to the city continue to fall on deaf ears. The city administrator said South O'Fallon Avenue is not a dedicated city street, so the homeowners are responsible for the repairs.

Collin Conroy is one of the homeowners and he said he has tried to work with the city.

"I've contacted the city by email and I visited them several times and I can't get a response from them," he said.

Conroy said he needs to know what options are available to bring the road up to city code.

"If we can get them to assist in repairing or whatever, even if it means a little bit more with taxes or whatever. We've got to get this fixed because you can't have folks up the hill there grabbing their garbage all the way down the road," he said.

Fraizer said if repairs aren't made soon he will be left with only one option.

"I don't want to move but it's looking like we have to. We can't afford to keep fixing our vehicles. It tears them up," he said.

Conroy said he's not sure how much it would cost to repair the road. He plans to visit the city administrator again on Thursday to see what immediate fixes can be made to continue trash service.

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