Consider This: Voter Purging

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Now, an update to a "Consider This" from last year.

About 144,000 voter names were purged from the Ohio voter rolls in 2016. It happened in the state's three largest counties.

A federal appeal's court has now ruled the process violated the National Voter Registration Act.

Ohio officials are taking their argument to the state Supreme Court.  Civil Liberties groups are fighting the case, saying the purge unfairly disenfranchised eligible voters.

State officials, obviously, disagree.

However, the court decides this issue, one element stands out – voting matters.

Consider This, unlike other countries which make voter registration an automatic government function, Americans must take the initiative.  If you haven't voted for a while, make sure you're still registered.

And if you have never registered, the process is easy.  We've included links on our website for all three states. Take the time and make your voice heard.

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