Police: Man Looking for Sex, Brought Son

Trenton Police call it sad and disgusting. Now they're working with agencies in different parts of the state to see if it ever happened before.

Saturday they arrested 43-year-old Mark Hill of Columbus. They say he had driven to a Trenton skating rink to meet a 14-year-old for sex. That teenaged girl was actually an agent working for the website Preverted-Justice.com. But Hill had a surprise for police too. Along with handcuffs and condoms, police say his 22-month old son was sitting in a car seat in the passenger side of his truck.

"This was just kind of sad that he would be this desperate or this willing to bring his child along with him," Trenton Chief, Rod Hale says.

Police say for weeks the Perverted-Justice agent posed as a 14-year-old and chatted on-line with Hill. They say almost immediately Hill turned the conversation to sex. They agreed to meet and spend the weekend together at a Middletown motel. Police say Hill had reserved the room for one adult and two children.

The arrest has sparked concern in Hill's hometown. "This gentleman was involved in a lot of civic activities," Hale says, "a lot of community events that involved either family or children."

And so Hale is working with agencies from Cincinnati to Columbus to see if Hill has any real victims.

"There are perhaps some other females in the Columbus area that he may have been corresponding with. We don't actually know if they're in that area or where they are. But he may have been corresponding and exchanging photographs."