RX Overdose Lesson For Teens

Family members of an 18 year old Norwood man who died from a prescription drug overdose have a message for other young men and women. They're speaking out about the dangers of *any* drug use. 18 year old Anthony Hollin, Jr. was found not breathing in his home Sunday morning. Less than two hours later another young man who lived around the corner died from an apparent overdose too. Anthony Hollin and 19 year old Justin Wright, police say, could've taken as many as a half dozen doses of Methadone before their deaths. Methadone is prescribed as a pain reliever and drug addict rehabilitation drug. Hollin's aunt, Amy Smith, tells FOX 19, "He was not a person that had a history of this in any way. He just ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time and one thing can kill you. It was that easy. We just want others to know that." Investigators have been told both victims mixed the prescription drugs with alcohol possibly causing the shut down of brain signals that make breathing possible. The pills in this case may have been stolen from a family member police say. On the street their sold for about a dollar a milligram. Autopsy reports are pending.