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Jury seated in Tensing retrial; jurors visit crime scene

Ray Tensing (Cincinnati Enquirer) Ray Tensing (Cincinnati Enquirer)

A jury was seated Wednesday morning in the Ray Tensing murder retrial.

Four alternates were selected shortly after.

The 12 people who will serve on the jury are: seven white women, two white men, two black women and one black man.

The racial makeup of the jury is close to the one during the first trial last fall, which ended with a mistrial amid deadlocked jurors. This time, three are African-American (two were last year) and one of them is a man.

After the jurors were sworn in, they traveled to the Mt. Auburn neighborhood where Tensing fatally shot Samuel DuBose in a 2015 traffic stop.

Opening statements are scheduled for Thursday morning.

Testimony will follow, with three University of Cincinnati Police officers and a witness expected to take the stand.

Tensing, 27, plans to testify to defend himself in the retrial, his attorney revealed in court earlier this week.

The former UC police officer also took the stand during the first trial in November.

Tensing became emotional as he answered questions and reviewed body cam video from the traffic stop. 

He told jurors he fired his gun at DuBose, 43, because he thought DuBose was going to run him over with his car and kill him. 

[Tensing: 'I fired at him because I thought he was going to kill me']

He faces charges of murder and voluntary manslaughter.

What we know about the jurors:

Juror 72

White female, domestic violence victim, was hospitalized twice, hasn't formed an opinion about the case

Juror 30

White male who said "watching bodycam video was difficult to watch" but could be impartial

Juror 41

Black female, son is connected to the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office

Juror 7

White female, had not watched first trial, not formed an opinion

Juror 10

White female, initially felt "shooting was not justified:"

Juror 77

White female, no opinion of the case

Juror 14

White female, doesn't have an opinion, didn't watch first trial. Had an "issue" with a female officer at a hotel in Florida, says it won't affect her opinion of law enforcement

Juror 59

White female, speech pathology industry, no opinion

Juror 62

Black male, works in healthcare industry, former military (veteran), has seen body-worn cam footage; did listen to some local media reports but didn't follow case too closely, has no feelings about Tensing guilt or innocence

Juror 70

White female, no opinion of case

Juror 23

White female, knows lead detective in the case, says hasn't discussed the case, won't affect impartiality

Juror 25

Black female, did see body cam footage, says she has not formed an opinion

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