'Someone could have been dead.' Fight in Hamilton caught on camera

'Someone could have been dead.' Fight in Hamilton caught on camera

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - A big neighborhood brawl broke out Monday morning in Hamilton and ended in gunfire. Police are still looking for some of the people captured in the video, which continues to circulate on social media.

It happened on the 700 block of Corwin Avenue.

Elisha Thompson and her sister Stormy Newman said they were sleeping when a group of about eight people told them to come out of their home.

"They was definitely coming to jump me that's why I called my sister," said Thompson.

She said a girl that has been giving her trouble for months initiated the fight.

Newman has a black eye. She said she didn't know the crowd and was trying to break up the fight with her sister when she was hit.

"I couldn't get them apart so I kicked the girl and as I kick the girl a guy comes up in a tie dyed shirt," said Newman.

She said he punched her right in the face.

"I fell to the ground. I realized I was seeing stars. I get back up. It hurts so bad that a man could hit a woman like that," said Newman.

To keep him away she grabbed a metal stick. She said she was also hoping it would scare the crowd off, but when they wouldn't leave, she busted out the windows of their car.

"When I did that that's when the guy handed the other guy a gun and started shooting," said Newman.

After two gun shots were fired the crowd took off running.

"I think he was shooting at me because I busted out the windows," said Newman.

Newman said even with a swollen eye and scratches, what hurts the most is how neighbors recorded the video and watched, but didn't help.

"It is upsetting. I wish somebody would have stopped it and not let it go further. Someone really could have gotten hurt. Someone could have been dead," she said.

She said with a neighborhood filled with children a brawl in the middle of the street is not the example they are trying to set.

"I know it's embarrassing for us to have this happen on our street," said Newman.

Hamilton Police are still investigation the incident. They are reminding the community that if you see something say something.

Police are hoping witnesses come forward to help identify everyone involved in the video.

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