Middletown Police need help identifying man robbing people on his bicycle

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - Police in Middletown want to identify a man who has allegedly been attacking and robbing people while riding a bicycle.

Police said there have been three reported attacks over the last five days. In all three occurrences the man swooped up from behind grabbing either a wallet or a purse and takes off.

A 5-year-old girl said she was scared after she and her 8-month pregnant mother were attacked at Marsh's on Northern University Boulevard last Thursday.

"Some gentleman on a bike. He just drove right by... he went from left to right and grabbed my wallet out of my hand," Jami Felton said.

A Good Samaritan chased the bike bandit, but he was still able to get away. Before he did, Felton said she pleaded with him.

"I said, 'please don't take our wallet,'" she said. "I felt violated. I felt like somebody took something that I worked hard for and it didn't belong to them."

On Sunday afternoon at Smith Park, an 83-year-old man walking the trail told police he was knocked over and robbed of a few hundred dollars. The suspect also rode a black BMX bike and was described as white male believed to be in his 20's.

Gayle Bailey said a man on a dark bike nearly pulled her arm off trying to get her purse. It happened Saturday near  Verity and Reinartz.

"I took the strap of my purse and pulled it down as hard as I could by my side because I was sure that was what he was going to do," she said. "I felt it because he has a hoody with a sweatshirt and it was 80 degrees."

The suspect did not get away with her purse, but now she like so many in the community are wondering whats going on.

Police are asking if you have any information to contact the Middletown Police Department.

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