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Police investigating after man caught peeping in child's bedroom


Parents in Middletown are on edge after a man was caught peeping in a girl's bedroom window, and may have tried to get in. It reportedly happened Saturday morning on the 1800 block of Claredon Avenue.

It was a quiet morning on the street when the unwelcome visitor stopped by and apparently became fixated on what was inside a window. The family didn't want to be identified but said that two children were sound asleep in their beds when their 14-year-old sister noticed a man peering inside.

"He had his bike leaned up against the house looking in our window. I was in shock and I just froze. I didn't know what to do," she said. 

She managed to wake up her parents.

"My daughter came to our bedroom and was screaming there's a guy. There's a guy watching us there's a guy watching us," the mother said.

She said the man was gone before she made it outside. When she looked at the house she says it appears that he was trying to get in.

"My daughter's window screen was up and the window was half ajar, but we have those safety mechanism locks on the side so it will only let it go up so far," she said. 

A neighbor has surveillance cameras on their home and found video that matched the time the man was at the home along with a description of his appearance. They are hoping these images lead to an arrest.

In the meantime, the mother is still is unsure if the man was after her children or her belongings.

"That's scary and my kids can't even sleep now at night," she said. 

She is warning others to stay on guard in case he decides to come back.

"Everybody needs to be vigilant. Neighbors included if you see something funny call. Make sure you double check every door and lock in your house," the mother said. 

FOX19 NOW was told the man appeared to be in his 30's and was wearing a white cap and a white shirt at the time.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Middletown Police.        

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