Five US citizens jailed in Iraq.

The Pentagon says it is holding five U-S citizens suspected of helping Iraqi militants. Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman says three of them are Iraqi-Americans, one is Iranian-American and the other is a Jordanian-American.

Whitman says one of the Iraqi-Americans knew of plans for an attack and another may have been involved in a kidnapping. He says the third was "engaged in suspicious activity."

The spokesman say the Iranian-American was captured with several dozen washing machine timers in his car. Those can be used to make bombs. Relatives in Los Angeles identify him as Cyrus Kar, and say he was in Iraq to film a documentary on the founder of Persia. His family say Kar has been cleared and there is no legal authority for his detention.

The Jordanian-American was captured in a raid last year. Officials say he's suspected of ties to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Whitman says all five are jailed in Iraq.