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More fighting recorded at Kroger in Spring Grove Village


Another fight at the Spring Grove Village Kroger has surfaced on social media.

The fight last about 16 seconds but it’s unclear what the fight is over. The person recording the incident repeats, “I’m at Kroger’s  man. It’s Kroger’s.”

This fight is in the parking lot. It is unclear when the video was shot, but a representative at Kroger said they are aware of the video and turned it over to police.
The two people in the video go head to head with one man clearly getting the upper hand. There is some explicit language exchanged before the two stopped.
This is the second incident of fighting breaking out at Kroger property caught on cell phone video. In the video you can hear a child frantically trying to get involved repeatedly crying out for her mom.
Cincinnati Police called the video disturbing. Kroger officials said it’s a police matter and they were cooperating with authorities.

Vince Pitstick can be seen in the video wearing a red shirt and hat. He tried to break-up the fight. “I looked down at the other end of Kroger and I saw this big argument brewing,” he said from his downtown office.
Pitstick said what you don’t see in the video is about two dozen people standing around and recording the brawl with their cell phones but not stepping in. 
“I just would like to think that in the moment people would show different colors,” he said. ‘I think social media and the nature of society now is to watch and record and not act,” he said. 

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