Police warn of phony ticket scam for Tom Petty's Cincinnati show

Police warn of phony ticket scam for Tom Petty's Cincinnati show

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Cincinnati Police are warning Tom Petty fans about phony concert tickets circulating online.

The department received several complaints about forged tickets up for sale on Craigslist for Monday night's show at U.S. Bank Arena.

Buyers should always be aware that scammers routinely offer tickets at the last minute using forums like Craigslist, CPD posted to Facebook.

CPD offered these tips to avoid Craigslist ticket scams:

• Ask for a copy of the seller's invoice stating the tickets have been completely paid for if you are buying an entire season's worth. If the whole amount was not paid, the seller does not have tickets, they may still have an invoice though. Check it carefully. 
• Ask the seller for their account #. It should match their name from the ticket rep and the tickets. The account # is on the top of the ticket. Call the team or ticket agent and speak to the person's ticket rep and verify the person has an account and has tickets. People who have legitimate season tickets have no problem giving you their ticket reps name. 
• Always meet in person, if possible. Pay with a cashier's check versus a personal check, protects your account information. If you pay without meeting, pay with PayPal it protects you (especially if tickets are never sent or are fake) or send a bank check. 
If the person is mailing you the tickets make sure you get some type of written receipt or contract via email stating when and how the tickets will be delivered/sent. Pay 1/2 now and the other 1/2 when the tickets are received. And make sure the person let's you know they got your money and they are sending the tickets, track your communication via email!
• People selling tickets at face value may be selling fake or scalped tickets. This is not ALWAYS the case, but it does happen. There are tons of scams out there. Check ticket agencies for views of seating charts, the cost of tickets, the dates of games, concerts, shows, etc. Research the tickets you are buying and know what you are getting! Tickets are easily reproduced so be aware of what you are buying.

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