Online Journal Reveals Suspected Killer

Suspect In Idaho Kidnapping Killings Kept Blog Of Dark Thoughts

A chilling picture is emerging of the convicted sex offender caught with an Idaho girl, and it's all from his own words.

Joseph Duncan kept an online journal.  In one of the last entries, he says "the demons have taken over."  Another entry says he no longer knows "what right and wrong" even are.  Two days later, he allegedly kidnapped Shasta and Dylan Groene and he's suspected of bludgeoning to death their mother, brother and the mom's boyfriend.

In sporadic middle-of-the-night entries, Duncan wrote about the social stigma of being a sex offender saying he'd given up trying to convince people he's "a real person with honest and good intentions, not some evil monster they should be afraid of."

A computer crimes expert says prosecutors will likely use the blog in their case against Duncan.

Duncan doesn't reveal his identity online, but authorities have traced the online journal back to his computer.  People who know him say he's the author.