Indiana State Police searching for suspects after bar fight sends man to ICU

FOX19 - Indiana State Police are investigating what they're calling an altercation after two men were injured and one spent days in the hospital.

Police said they believe four people were fighting outside of Whippel's Bar on West Washington Street in Sunman around 2 a.m. Sunday when somehow Shane Brown and Andrew Hammann were injured. 

Brown's family said that if it was a "fight," it wasn't a fair one. 

"No matter what the situation was, he was attacked from behind, hit to the point that he stopped breathing, was unconscious and had to be aircared from one hospital to another," Brown's family member said. 

Brown's relatives told FOX19 NOW that his injuries were so severe he had to wear a ventilator and was unresponsive for several days. They said he is still unaware of what happened. 

"He has a long road recovery ahead. He will suffer some long term issues," a relative said. 

Detectives said that they are currently searching for two suspects. So far, no one has been arrested or charged. 

Because of that, Brown's family declined to share their names or show their faces on camera. They said that they do not want to jeopardize the case or their own safety. 

"It's scary because you don't know who is involved or exactly what happened, and he can't tell you anything," Brown's relative said.

Brown's family said he spent three days in the intensive care unit, but is beginning to make progress. 

They said that they want someone to be held responsible. 

"A frustrating feeling knowing that someone knows, but they're not saying," his relative said. "If it was your family member, wouldn't you want someone to speak up? 

Police said that the other man who was injured, Hammann, was treated for head injuries. 

They are calling this a "battery investigation," and they are asking the public to help them identify possible suspects and witnesses. 

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Kip Main: 812-689-5000

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