Sewer project shutting down part of KY-8

Sewer project shutting down part of KY-8

BELLEVUE, KY (FOX19) - As a sewer project makes it's way down Taylor Avenue in Bellevue, the city will have to shutdown a portion of KY-8 for one month.

SD1 is working on the Water's Edge Sewer Separation Project that will impact KY-8 starting the week of July 10th.

SD1 Communication Specialist Anne Wolking sent FOX19 an outline of the project that reads: "In order to help protect public health, property and the environment, SD1 is constructing a new storm sewer system under Taylor Avenue, between Eden Avenue and Walnut Street to more safely and effectively convey excess storm water.

When it rains, the combined sewer system, which carries both sanitary sewage and storm water through the same pipes, can become overwhelmed with excess storm water. This excess storm water fills the pipes to capacity and causes them to overflow, spilling a mixture of sewage and storm water into the Ohio River. Additionally, because the pipes cannot handle the excess storm water, overland flooding often occurs."

While Bellevue is working with the state to figure out alternate routes for traffic through the area, the city is also trying to help local businesses who are concerned the project may cost them money.

"Summer is peak time of year for business for small businesses in a district like this and so the immediate reaction is 'oh my gosh I'm going to go out of business and no one can get to us'," said Assistant City Administrator Jody Robinson.

Fairview Avenue (KY-8) is host to many local businesses throughout Bellevue and Robinson tells FOX19 she is hoping to organize a four week party to draw residents from surrounding areas into town.

"What we're experiencing are people coming together to take something that's terrifying and turn it into the most positive, fun, exciting draw in the region," said Robsinson.

Currently there is no budget for such an event but Robinson says she is working to find the money and make the best out of a difficult situation for Bellevue.

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