Woman punched in the face 40 times, video of assault posted to social media

Woman punched in the face 40 times, video of assault posted to social media

FOX19 - Shakurra Payne is in the Hamilton County Jail after being accused of beating a Kentucky woman. Court records show she hit the victim 40 times in the face.

FOX19 NOW obtained video of the assault, which was posted to social media.

The victim's father, Brian Brumer, said he has still not seen the video.

"I'm not comfortable watching it because my daughter is one of the loves of my life... and to see her assaulted," he said.

His daughter asked not to use her name, but was OK with showing the videos. The family provided a video which the victim took right after the assault. It shows blood on her face and chest area.

"When you see that… and people laughing and thinking it's a game, it just makes you sick to your stomach," said Brumer.

Brumer said his daughter did not know Payne previous to the attack. He could not go into detail about what may have motivated the attack, but the family lawyer said it was premeditated.

"It was a premeditated plan to find the victim and bring her to a location," said Patrick Monohan. [She waited] until the victim was preparing to leave the party [and] catch her at a vulnerable moment and assault her."

A family spokesperson said Payne was indicted for the assault. Monohan said a photo was posted to social media of her in the jail, and you can see her smiling.

"Fortunately in this situation bones can heal," Monohan said. "We have a situation where this will be on the internet forever and this is something [the victim] is going to be living with."

Brumer said his daughter is slowly coming out of it.

"The first week she wouldn't even come out of her room. She just laid in bed," he said.

Court records do not show another court date at this time.

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