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Fur real? Stuffed cat on car causes problems on highway


A driver's drastic attempt to sell their car garnered attention from more than shoppers. Police are taking notice because the driver fastened a stuffed cat on top of the car.

Several drivers on Interstate 75 in Lockland did double double-take after spotting an SUV pass by with a cat on the roof. The life-like cat was actually a stuffed animal. 

An off-duty North College Hill Police officer took a photo of the SUV while driving on I-75 on Wednesday.

Police believe the driver put the toy cat on the SUV to attract attention to a for sale sign taped on the window.

"It's really crazy because it looked like a cat," said Emanuel Ruff, who lives in the area.

Police said a stunt like this is dangerous.

"It was causing a road hazard people were stopping, looking at the cat taking their eyes off of the road. That could potentially cause an auto accident, injuries even worse," said Officer Austin Kilgore.

Police are not identifying the driver.

Although the stuffed cat created a road distraction, the driver was not ticketed.

"It's a secondary offense. We technically can't pull over directly for that. You'd have to be driving on the opposite side of the road, running a red light or obviously causing an auto accident," Kilgore said. 

Not all drivers had a problem with the fake cat. In fact, some might have wished they thought of it first.

"I've sold a lot of cars weird ways honestly, so if that's how they want to sell their car I'm not going to knock their hustle. They can get their money how they want to get their money," said Stephen McQueen.

Police are warning the driver and others that attaching props to a car is not the way to advertise.

"I'd advise them to take it off. It's a hazard for everybody. It might have been a fun thing to do at first to get your car sold but it's distracting everyone else around you," Kilgore said. 

He said distracted driving is a growing problem, and when drivers see hazards or strange behavior on the road they should get to a safe spot and report it.

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