Butler Co. Coroner: Drug overdoses lead all causes of death so far this year

Butler Co. Coroner: Drug overdoses lead all causes of death so far this year

BUTLER COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - Drug overdoses continue to be the leading cause of death in Butler County.

Butler County is on track to break last year's record for the highest number of drug overdose deaths, according data the coroner released Wednesday.

As of April, Coroner Lisa Mannix said there have been 96 drug overdoses. Of those, 80 of them (83.3 percent) involved heroin, fentanyl or one of the more potent fentanyl derivatives. The majority of the cases involve fentanyl, with 11 cases involving carfentanil and one case involving furylfentanyl.

"The disturbing trend of overdose deaths involving fentanyl in Butler County continues at an alarming rate," said Mannix. "I released these statistics later than I might normally have to include the month of April which had 30 total overdose deaths.  The Butler County Coroner's Office has previously never seen that many deaths of any kind in a single month."

There were 192 drug overdose deaths in 2016, 153 were fentanyl or heroin related.

If the trend continues at its current rate, Butler County will see a 50 percent increase in total overdose deaths over 2016 and a 57 percent increase in fentanyl/heroin related deaths.

So far this year, the coroner's office investigated three homicides, 36 natural deaths, 21 suicides, seven caused by other accidents, four motor vehicle traffic crashes and eight deaths with undetermined causes.

The Butler County Health Department distributes free kits of Narcan. To schedule a class, go online or call 513-863-1770.

For more information on mental health, addiction and crisis services, you can call Butler County's Mental Health Crisis Hotline and Heroin Hopeline (844) - 4CRISIS (427-4747).

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